In the Best Interest of the Child

By Sean Gentile, M.B.A.
Certified Supreme Court Family Mediator

Best interest of the child:

  • Feelings
    1. Help your child to identify his feelings:
      1. “I see you’re angry. Let’s use your anger for positive results.”
      2. “Marian, I see your feelings concerning the divorce; you have every right to feel this way.”
    2. Have children draw a picture of what they feel to have them connect to themselves.
    3. Be the example of being aware of your feelings:
      1. Identify your own feelings and validate yourself.
      2. “Mommy’s sad today and it’s okay for Mommy to be sad.”
  • Security
    1. Ensure security with reminders.
      1. “We will always put your best interest first.”
    2. Keep a picture of the child’s parents in her room so that the visual will create a security of having family.
    3. Associate with the winners so that your child may see what success is.
  • Attributes
    1. When your child shows you an art project, comment specifically on what you like.
      1. For example, “I like the way the yellow sun highlights the horizon.” This specific praise shows him or her that you put thought into it, instead of just simply saying, “It’s pretty.” Also, you can state; “When you made the pottery vase I can see that you put a lot of effort into it because it’s shaped so smoothly. That shows you have perseverance.”
    2. Have your child take a personality test to show what strengths he/she is good at. If he/she is very logical, that indicates that they may be very good at math and business.
    3. Enroll your child in different activities in the community so he/she will know what kind of hobbies they can develop.

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