• Working with Sean was easy, quick and affordable. She fully explained the process and offered a payment plan. Overall, I had a good experience.

    Linda M.

  • I recently had the opportunity working with Sean Gentile. I found her to be a woman with a strong work ethic helping people and transforming lives. Sean is more than just a mediator. She is someone who will stand up for you and get the job done.

    Cynthia M.

  • She was very helpful, knowledgeable person!! I’m very pleased the way she filled out the paperwork and made it to my house to fill it!! She’s the best!!! Definitely I will recommend her!!!!

    Daeliz T.

  • I got my divorce in less than three months! I would highly recommend this to someone one who would like to get a divorce in a quick and stress free process! It is also very affordable! I still can’t believe under three months I got my divorce finalized! -Mary

    Mary P.

  • Sean has been very supportive with my family. I especially enjoyed being informed by her videos which bring forth wisdom which seems so rare these days. Thank you Sean

    Cera h W.

  • Excellent service it was also very fast and timely I would recommend to anyone this place is the best

    Melina B.

  • We received a warm welcome and the information we needed. Sean helps to get things under control and in the right perspective.

    Brian C.

  • My experience with sean was outstanding. I asked for 50/50 for my son and I received it. Sean goes beyond her job to help I recommend her.

    Ian E.

  • Sean has handled my divorce with a level of expertise, confidence & enthusiasm that’s absolutely amazing!

    Isaac W.

  • I work long hours to make ends meet. I was appreciative of Sean Gentile’s extended working hours to accommodate my needs. What a dedicated professional with a successful record of helping people for many years. Thank you Sean.

    Bob J.

  • Its a good place for a fast divorce. Friendly people.
    The only thing they need is a fluent Creole translator!

    Faubert P.

  • Kudos to Sean Gentile and team. The team was working on their 84th video talking about “”You’re worth it!”” Cool tips that get you in control of your situation. Sean loves to validate your feelings.

    One time I was so excited about the arrears of support that I owed that I couldn’t speak. Sean reminded that I must be able to follow directions or wait for a later date to discuss my case. Her strength guided me into calming down and hearing all I needed to hear. She has the professionalism to take charge and confidence to allow me to make a decision when I’m ready. She is established, educated and knows every in and out of her business which helped me. All I had to do was point to it and the staffers knew that Sean was a phone call away. I like that kind of persuasion. Makes me feel that someone cares. And that would be Sean Gentile. She is written about in over 20 news articles because she’s good at what she does. Thank you Sean.I got you.

    Izzy S.

  • Sean Gentile’s office is nearby and we were so surprised when we saw two dozen yellow roses being delivered and we thought it was her 20 year anniversary for the business. Turns out the mother of her client was so relieved that her son got his license back because of Sean’s help. She said Sean took extra time because her son needed everything explained since he didn’t understand court procedures. People seldom realize that our community support people like Sean deal with people in often the most devastating times of their lives. We need to honor people, The young man saved money and was treated so well that Sean and the mom are business friends for some time now. I thought this was a rewarding situation that needs to be mentioned.

    Barbara A.

  • I’m part of the SEAN GENTILE FAN CLUB. Five Stars!!!!! Highly Recommended. Great Inspirational Lady!

    Oscar C.

  • I see Sean at the court house everyday. She has the most recognizable vehicle. True caring in spirit and always greets her clients with a smile.

    Rex G.

  • I write a review when I’m really impressed. What drew me into Sean Gentile Services for divorce was the colorful marketing with a caring feel. I was also impressed that Sean Gentile has almost 18 years experience. The receptionist at the office was friendly and was concerned about my needs as well. It feels good when people like Sean care. Thumbs up! Thank you!

    Annabelle W.

  • Working with Sean Gentile’s staff was a great experience because we received courteous, understanding and fast service . Very to the point and generous. They know what they are doing! Highly recommended.

    Brusby dominguez E.

  • I was referred to Sean Gentile and More by a very satisfied client.
    She is passionate about her work and always returned my calls promptly. Truly knowledgeable as well as professional, explaining the process thoroughly! No surprises!

    Barbara S.

  • Thank you Sean for your attention to detail. It helped. I am very strong now because of your inspiration. God bless your good heart.

    Thamson P.

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