Quote 13

Kudos to Sean Gentile and team. The team was working on their 84th video talking about “”You’re worth it!”” Cool tips that get you in control of your situation. Sean loves to validate your feelings.

One time I was so excited about the arrears of support that I owed that I couldn’t speak. Sean reminded that I must be able to follow directions or wait for a later date to discuss my case. Her strength guided me into calming down and hearing all I needed to hear. She has the professionalism to take charge and confidence to allow me to make a decision when I’m ready. She is established, educated and knows every in and out of her business which helped me. All I had to do was point to it and the staffers knew that Sean was a phone call away. I like that kind of persuasion. Makes me feel that someone cares. And that would be Sean Gentile. She is written about in over 20 news articles because she’s good at what she does. Thank you Sean.I got you.